Educational Programs

     Our interactive family performances, from 45 minutes to an hour, are energetic and visually engaging for young to school-age children, ranging from the purest Quechua and Aymara Indian music to a harmonious union of Bolivian tradition with Afro-Peruvian music, flamenco, etc. Ensemble members present indigenous instruments and descriptions of a song's origins before performing each song. Family programs are as educational as they are entertaining. Please view our video samples of Oscar Reynolds & Karumanta performances.

     Oscar Reynolds & Karumanta's educational expositions delve into the history, culture, instruments, and musical background of Bolivia and Peru and reveal the myriad of cultures and people living in these two neighboring countries. Our educational programs aim to also teach Bolivian and Afro-Peruvian music and dance so that people may learn about and appreciate Bolivian and Afro-Peruvian culture and our cultural legacy may continue and be preserved.
Our educational programs include:
· Bolivian and Afro-Peruvian cultural expositions
· Master classes in Andean flutes and guitar
· Cajón workshops
· Private and group cajón classes
· Private and group Afro-Peruvian dance classes
· Training programs for artists and teachers

Oscar’s music put most of the people under some kind of enchantment, the children were no exception; most of them got very quiet to listen to and enjoy his wonderful performance."
- Avalon Bay News