"Millones de gracias por ser un embajador de los andes...Tu musica es celestial y solo une y transforma a la gente que tiene el privilegio y bendicion de escucharte!"
["A million thanks for being an ambassador of the Andes...Your music is celestial and only one of its kind--it  transforms the people who have the privilege and blessing of hearing you play."]
- Margarita Bromley, Alamo, California 

"I cannot tell you how much the sound of your music shook my heart in a way I cannot describe. The music you played was a sound from heaven. I bought your CD and currently enjoying the most beautiful sounds that you played. You are awesome. Thank you for the harmony you brought to my heart and many others that I am sure of. God bless you..."
Allen Alahari, Fremont, California

"Hermosisimo no me canso de escucharlo, que trabajo el tuyo!!! Te felicito y te deseo lo mejor." 
- Patricia Lakomy de Arce, Elk Grove, California

"This music touched me so deeply. My friend bought your CD "River of Light" for me, and I have listened to it many times since then. But the first song, "Río de Luz" is so hauntingly beautiful that I find myself crying as I listen. There are times when I feel the hands of God reaching inside of me, cradling my heart and then lifting it up to the heavens. It is pure joy. Thank you for sharing your music. You have a great gift. 
- Donna Bonin, Haverhill, Massachusetts 

"I fell in love with the music immediately--I bought 3 albums as soon as I could, and then Life intervened. I'm back and can't wait to purchase more of your albums as soon as I can. I KNEW Oscar would keep playing and creating and innovating. I am so grateful that you continue to make life more beautiful." 
- Terry Benioff, Redmond, Washington

"The understanding of music."
- Jesse Leyna, III, Fresno, California

"Music that feeds the soul."
- Ellen Shaw, San Jose, California

"Your music is divine."
-April Williams, Oakland, California

"Puedo sentir tu corazón." ("I can feel your heart.")
-M. Ruth Guest, Milpitas, California

"The most passionate, genuine music. Wonderful."
-Beverly Riverwood, Sebastopol, California

"God gave you a very treasured gift."
-C. La Duke, Malone, New York

"Brings tears to my eyes, warmth to my heart."
-Janet Hubel, San Rafael, California

“Your music brought deep feelings from my soul and tears to my eyes when I listened to you play. Thank you for the gift of your music for us to hear.”
-Gerry Bartlett, Santa Cruz, California

"I'm writing to say how grateful I am for the absolutely wonderful event you all produced for our celebration! The music was just exquisite -- powerful, moving, truly soul-cleansing. I've heard from so many of those who were here that evening how much it meant to them to bask in the beauty you created. The day after the party, I sat alone under the oak tree gazing out at where you had been the night before. Clearly I heard that beautiful music wafting through the afternoon light -- I think our valley has been blessed, and is now permanently imbued with the sound and spirit of your music."
-Lisa Faithorn, Walnut Creek, California

“Your soulful, melodic music has enchanted me for many years. You are so dear to my ear. You touch so many hearts. Thank you for brightening and enlivening my life… I long to be enlivened with your music again. Thank you for sharing what you were born to do!”
- Rose Garden, Greenbrae, California

"Exquisite music -- ethereal."
Chuck Bowen, Vallejo, California

"Amazingly beautiful, soothing, haunting."
-Lourdes Ventura, Mountain View, California

“I wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance. Your music inspired me to play my zampoña and quena again. Ever since then, I have been playing almost every day. I want to thank you for sparking new interest in the music and showing me a new light on how to play these instruments. I can now hit higher notes on the quena than I have ever been able to before. I was also really impressed how you could play guitar and a zampoña at the same time. I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you have been to me.”
-Erik Zúñiga, Chico, California

Debbie Heresen, Chester, California

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